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Leader’s Speech
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    Wu Jianhua, Chairman

Persistent pursuit, striving to reach the far distance

Started from the White Beach among hardships, Wynca Group walked through a half-century journey, experienced the baptism of the tide of reform and market economy, achieved growth in both scale and strength, and has become a leader in the industry.
Like all of you, I felt extremely delighted and inspired, highly honored and proud about such an achievement. It is the crystallization of the painstaking effort of entire Wynca people, and is the result of our persistent pursuit to the cause.
Persistence, just like a stone thrown into the heart lake, it has no surge of terrifying waves, it does not look up to others’ glories, but submerges down quietly, and achieves the value of life as time goes by.
And so it is for running an enterprise, no blind action, never shrink back, persistent and dauntless, stick to ambition and practice diligently, and take every setback as an opportunity of tempering ourselves. See hope amid hardships, comprehend persistence in adversity, and be prepared for difficulties in times of flourishing.
Each step of Wynca’s development verifies the strength of persistence.
Because of persistence, we keep enthusiasm to the faith, passion to creation, and feeling to the cause, toward the common goal we are striving for, inspire potential of life, and turn beautiful vision into vivid reality.
Because of persistence, we innovate and share together, take care of wellbeing and happiness of employees while create value, commit ourselves to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with partners, and earn the company with respect and credibility.
Persistence builds our dreams, and diligent practice always can lead to the far distance.