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Agrochemical production leading the industry proudly

Focusing on glyphosate product and developing several active compounds and preparations simultaneously, Wynca’s agrochemical sector is the traditional backbone sector of the company. With industry-leading manufacturing ability and outstanding product quality, Wynca’s agrochemical products win extensive confidence from global users, and the company’s sales volume enters top 20 in global agrochemical industry.

Wynca promotes agricultural development globally with top-notch quality of agrochemical products.

Wynca’s herbicide products represented by glyphosate and diuron, insecticide products represented by chlorpyrifos, and fungicide products represented by carbendazim all play a very important role in agricultural production, and provide strong safeguard for high yield and harvest.


Fine chemical research are new agrochemical industry R & D Center Department, was established in September 2004, the predecessor of the pesticide product development department of technology center. Research Institute has a senior professional title R & D personnel more than 10 people. 1 people to enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, the one included in the national "millions of talents training project", 4 people included in the "131" of Zhejiang Province "151", Hangzhou talent training project.

Research Institute's main focus is on basic research and application technology research, focus on new products and new technology research and other basic issues, as well as pesticide, fine chemicals, new product development, pesticide formulation development, etc.. In 2005, the fine chemical research center was set up with the Zhejiang University of Technology, which aims to improve the ability of innovation, product development and industrial level through new product development, technological transformation, engineering research and development, process design and scientific and technological achievements.

Research Institute has imported atomic absorption spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, ion chromatography, laser particle size analyzer and other advanced analysis instruments and air jet mill, spray drying, bead grinding machine, high efficiency coating machine and other advanced equipment, to provide a good hardware support for R & D work.

Research Institute of the eleven, five, fifteen, 863 plan and other national science and technology research (support) projects, Zhejiang province and other scientific and technological projects. Repeatedly won the provincial scientific research achievement award, covering the national science and technology progress award, the national patent Excellence Award, Petrochemical Association of science and technology progress award, the provincial science and Technology Progress Award and other four major awards.


Pride in the industry leading manufacturing capacity

Group agrochemical glyphosate single production line is the first largest by large-scale reactor, continuous production technology and DCS control technology to organize production, leading products the second global glyphosate production capacity, manufacturing industry-leading level. Development of new pesticide formulations to obtain a number of national invention patents; green production center, technology, equipment to reach the international advanced level.

Group continued to invest heavily in the construction of a comprehensive environmental protection equipment, technology, facilities are in a leading position in the industry. According to the characteristics of agricultural production, to "zero accident, zero accident, zero pollution" as the goal, continue to strengthen safety and environmental protection management, the factory mainly through the environment and occupational safety and health management system certification, national secondary safety standardization compliance assessment and cleaner production audit. And the DuPont Co to carry out SHE management consulting cooperation projects, the establishment of a more perfect safety and environmental protection management system, actively use advanced independent research and development of production technology and pollution control methods, the first in the industry to achieve the comprehensive utilization of chlorine and phosphorus elements.