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Organosilicon Materials
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Industry-leading, technically top-notch new silicon-based materials

Through over 20 years of development, Wynca pushed forward in both upstream and downstream fields of organosilicon industry, and shaped the most complete industrial chain in China that covers from metal Si smelting, ganister sand processing, organic Si monomer synthesis of methyl, vinyl and phenyl to the production of silicon rubber, silicon oil and silane coupling agent.

Wynca has always been the leader in the organosilicon industry such as the synthesis technology of organic Si monomer, preparation technology of downstream products and the preparation of downstream products, and its monomer synthesis technology has stepped into the rank of first class in the world.

Wynca’s organosilicon products display distinguished performance in different fields. It helps us develop clean energy, improve production efficiency, and utilize product performance…... they improve our life quality in all aspects of production and daily life.


Organic silicon Research Institute has integrated experimental and multi - functional test equipment, with the inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry, gas chromatography and gel permeation chromatography, and other analytical instruments, which have created favorable conditions for the implementation of scientific research, standard technology research and patent strategy.

Research Institute and Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Russian national elements, and other well-known universities, research institutes, CO build a research center, set up a post doctoral scientific research workstation, gather and cultivate a high level of professional, comprehensive quality, innovation ability of outstanding technical personnel, fully play the advantages, many won the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements, forming a unique technical advantages and talent advantages.

Through several years of unremitting innovation, has formed heat curing silicone rubber compound, Condensed Type RTV silicone rubber, liquid plus glue, polyether modified silicone oil and a series of products, thus forming a monomer from upstream to downstream products complete industrial chain.

In 2012, Xin'an silicone (Shenzhen) Research Institute Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, Shekou, Nanshan District was established, professional research, development hot vulcanized mixed compound and molding liquid silicone rubber of new products, new technology, vigorously develop the downstream products of organic silicon. The company to professional and technical level, fast and efficient research and development speed, improve the technical services, customer demand for tailor-made a variety of new products established a perfect technology innovation system, and relying on technology progress obtained a large number of patents and proprietary technology, make the new Ann set silicone group research and development capabilities to further strengthen.

Industry leader in manufacturing capacity

Wynca group with organic silicon factory, silicone sealant factory, Kaihua synthetic materials Co., Ltd., new Antian jade silicone Co., Ltd. production factory, the production of four series of nearly a hundred kinds of products is the most economies of scale and competitiveness of one of the organic silicon business. The production of organic silicon monomer, methyl siloxane hybrid ring body, raw rubber and compound, trichlorosilane, 107 glue, silicone sealant, dimethyl silicone oil, crosslinking agent and other products of the production capacity of the scale, at the same time with ethylene chloro silane, gamma - chlorine propyl silane, phenyl chlorine silane and special monomer and hexamethyldisilazane Gui Danwan six methyl disiloxane Gui Mi, silicone oil, silicon resin, silicate ester, methyl monomer follow-up products, various technical indicators in the advanced level of the industry.

The production plant has achieved the quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health management system certification, has a perfect production management system, the use of advanced technology production technology, high degree of automation, product testing equipment.

Through continuous innovation, we have successfully developed the technology of glyphosate and organic silicon monomer with independent intellectual property rights. The technology has won national and provincial science and technology progress award. Currently in Kaihua synthetic materials Co., Ltd., and the formation of a new cycle system -- to methyl monomer to rely on, special monomer and silane coupling agent downstream series products for extending pattern.