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Digital economy is the new driving force of enterprise, and digital transformation is the road one must take for high-quality enterprise development.

In 2016, Wynca drew a blueprint for digital development and invested over 2 billion yuan to build Mamu Intelligent Park with high standard, thus opening its own digital reform road, starting to take big data, industrial cloud, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technology as the driver, " Four Integration" concept as the core, to promote the high-quality development of Wynca, to create an efficient and intelligent production and operation mode integrating product development, manufacturing, sales and service.

The central control room of Wynca Group's Mamu Intelligent Park
The sword sharpens from sharpening. Wynca's digital transformation path is recognized by governments at all levels and all walks of life, becoming a typical representative of traditional manufacturing industries at provincial and municipal levels to successfully practice digital transformation.
In 2021, Hangzhou Chain Master Factory Cultivation Enterprise
"Provincial Industrial Internet Platform Project" in Zhejiang Province
"Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project" by National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology