Sustainable Development
Cyclic economy, Green development
All accidents can be prevented.

We have introduced DuPont SHE management system, established a three-level emergency rescue network of "company-park-factory" and professional emergency rescue team, realized 100% coverage of safety information in the park through SHE intelligent and visualized management, and carried out SHE system audit for all production units under our company every year to futher consolidate the main responsibility of safety production.

We have won the first prize of provincial and municipal emergency skills competition for many times.
Never let a drop of sewage flow into the river.

Adhering to green development, resource-saving development, environment-friendly development and social beneficial development, Wynca Group makes full use of new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment to accelerate energy-saving and low-carbon transformation, form the synergistic effect of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and continuously deepen the three-element circular economy model of chlorine, phosphorus and silicon, brightening the ecological background of high- quality development.

Spiritual civilization
Being responsibility-based, we endeavor to steer the carrier Wynca into the flood of outstanding enterprises of the times, to be responsible to shareholders and society, and to establish a mutually beneficial and win-win community.

Contribute to winning the battle against poverty by donating 20 million RMB in three years to build 100 "Xin'an - Anxin" health rooms in Guizhou and Yunnan to improve the medical service level of poor villages.

Support the construction of China-Ghana Friendship-Wynca Sunshine Boankra Junior High School
Chairman Wu Jianhua's donation for education
President Wu Yanming's donation to fight against epidemic