WynPh ® FR-TEP -Halophosphate-free Flame Retardant-

● The molecule is halogen free with excellent fire retardant effects, and the gas produced by thermal decomposition is low-toxic and low-smoke.It has good fire retardant effects.

● It is additive flame retardants and is synthesized by esterification of trichloroxide and ethanol. With rich resources and low price, it is widely used.

Typical properties:



Relative density, g/cm3


Boiling point, ℃


Content of Phosphorus, % (wt)


Content of Water, % (wt) 


Application & Suggestion:

FR-TEP is one of halogen-free flame retardant, that can be used for polyurethane foam material. FR-TEP is a high boiling solvent, which can be applied as a solvent for cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate, plasticizer for rubber and plastics with dual effects of flame retardant and plasticizing. There is function of catalyst in FR-TEP, and it can be used for acetic acid lysis, xylene isomerism, olefin polymerization, manufacture of tetraethyl lead and carbonized diimide.

Package & Storage:

Net weight 200kg / galvanized iron drum, 1000kg / IBC. Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.