WynPh ® FR800 -Halophosphate-free Flame Retardant-

●Good circulability and no need for any enhancers (e.g. antimony oxide) compared to bromine flame retardants.

●Low volatility and thermal stability manifested in the production process of most engineering thermoplastic resins.

●Superior hydrolysis resistance, small mobility and less volatile loss. It can improve the thermal aging performance, increase the thermal deformation temperature, and its excellent fluidity is conducive to the production of thin-walled molds while reducing the burning.

Typical properties:


Colorless / light yellow clear liquid

Density, (20℃, g/cm 3 ) 

1.260 ±0.010

Content of Phosphorus, % (w/w)

8.5 ~ 9.3

Content of TPP, % (w/w) 


Content of Phenol, ppm


Application & Suggestion:

FR800 is particularly suitable for engineering resin alloy, including PC/ABS and PPO-PPE / HIPS for electrical and electronic accessories. According to fire safety standards, FR800 basically used about 8 to 18 phr, which can retain more than 95% in objects at 280℃. FR800 can improve melting performance of engineering plastics products, that is suitable as flame retardant for PVC, cellulose resin, synthetic rubber, epoxy resin, etc.

Package & Storage:

25 tons / container or 1000L / ton frame or 250kg / galvanized iron drum. Store in a dry, shady place to avoid direct sunlight to avoid flowing into water sources and waterways.