WynPh ® FR-TCPP -Phosphate Chloride Flame Retardant-

●The molecule contains both chlorine and phosphorus, which possess superior flame retardant performance, low cost and excellent stability. There are moisture-proof, plasticizing, anti-static and

other functions in it.

●It shows excellent thermal conductivity and hydrolysis stability when it is used for flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam.

●It can be used together with antimony trioxide to improve the flame retardant efficiency because of the low viscosity at low temperature.

Typical properties:


Colorless transparent sticky liquid

Relative density, (20℃, g / cm3)


Viscosity, (25℃ , mPa.s)


Content of Phosphorus, % (wt)


Content of Chlorine, % (wt) 


Application and Suggestion:

FR-TCPP is an additive flame retardant of phosphate chloride esters, which is usually used in polyurethane hard foam (PUR, PIR) and polyurethane soft foam. In flame retardant application of hard foam, it can meet the most basic fire standards, such as DIN 4102 (B1/B2) and EN 13823 (SBI/B). In flame retardant application of soft foam, the combination of FR-TCPP and melamine can meet the BS 5852 crib 5 standard.

Package & Storage:

Net weight 250kg/galvanized iron drum, 1250kg/IBC, 20-25MT in flexitank or Iso tank; stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated airtight warehouse.