WynPh ® Phosphorus Pentachloride

● It belongs to one of the most important phosphochloride in the nature of fast reaction rate and high yield. It is applied to be chlorinating agent, catalyst and dehydrating agent in organic synthesis reactions far and wide.

Typical properties:


White to light yellow crystalline powder

Melting point, ℃

179~ 181

Decomposition temperature, ℃


Density, g/cm 3


Application and Suggestion:

In the field of organic synthesis, PCl 5 is mainly used as chlorinated reagent of alcohol, carboxylic acid, amide, aldehyde ketone, enol and Beckmann rearrangement reagent. It is not only the raw material for the production of chlorinated phosphoronitrile and phosphoryl chloride, but also the raw material for the production of pharmaceuticals, dyes and chemical fibers. In the field of inorganic chemistry, PCl 5 is widely used in lithium battery electrolyte lithium hexafluorophosphate and other new energy materials.

Package & Storage:

25kg paper bag, stored in a low-temperature, cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse, store separately from alkali, oxidant, organic matter and flammable material.