WynPh ® Phosphrous Oxychloride

● It belongs to the strong Lewis acid, which is widely used in a variety of important synthesis such as dehydration, chlorination, phosphorylation and other reactions.

Typical properties:


Colorless clear liquid

Qualitative index 

High-class products

Content of POCl 3 , % 


Content of PCl 3 , %


Boiling range (105~ 109℃ , v / v%)


Content of Orthhosphoric acid (m / m%)≤0.2
Low arsenic POCl 3 (AS content, ppm)≤ 10
Application and Suggestion:

POCl 3 is widely used in the production of pesticide, pharmaceuticals, dye, phosphate ester flame retardants and plastic plasticizer, that is the raw material for the production of organophosphorus pesticide herbicides, etc. It is also used to to prepare long-acting sulfonamide drugs in the chlorination reaction, which is an intermediate for the production of dyes, chlorinating agent and catalyst for organic synthesis, and uranium ore extraction agent. In addition, POCl 3 is a solvent for liquid-liquid extraction in nuclear fuel reprocessing and a phosphorus dispersant in semiconductor industry.

Package & Storage:

20-30MT / ISO tank or 300kg / closed steel barrel. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse.