WynPh ® Phosphorus Trichloride

● Rich in resources, widely used, is most of the phosphorus water treatment agent, scale prevention agent, phosphorus containing pesticides and some raw materials of phosphorus flame retardant .

● Fast reaction rate and high conversion rate.

Typical properties:


Colorless clear liquid

Qualitative index

High- class products

Content of phosphorus trichloride,%


Content of free phosphorus ,%


Boiling range (74.5~77.5℃ , v/v%)


Content of orthophosphoric acid(m/m%)≤0.2
Application and Suggestion:

Phosphorus trichloride can be used in the production of organophosphorus insecticides (such as dipterex, dichlorvos, methamidophos,orthene), commonly used as the raw materials of inorganic / organic compounds (such as phosphorus oxychloride , phosphorous acid, triphenyl phosphite), water treatment agent, organophosphorus pesticides (such as herbicides, glyphosate, etc.). In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as intermediates of sulfadiazine (S.D), sulfotaxazine (S.M.D) and other drugs. In the dye industry field, it can Used as a comprehensive agent, catalyst, chlorination agent and solvents.

Package & Storage:

20-30MT / ISO tank or 300kg / closed steel barrel. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse.