Modified silicone fluid

Modified polysiloxane is silicone copolymer chemically combined with one or more organic components, so it combines the characteristics of siloxane and organic groups. Due to the different properties and quantities of organic groups, the performances of modified polysiloxane copolymers are also very different, so it needs to be selected according to the product applications.

Application area
Used as agricultural adjuvants to improve the agrochemical efficacy and reduce the usage.
Used as PU foam stabilizers to increase formulation compatibility, improve emulsification,nucleation and adjust cell structure.
Used as leveling and wetting agents for inks and coatings to reduce shrinkage and improve surface smooth.
Used as slip agents in leather to bring the fabric softness, comfort and wear resistance
Business scope
Product series
Modified silicone fluid
Silicone Polyether PU foam stabilizersAgricultural adjuvantsDefoamersCoating additives
Silicone Carbinol Resin modifier
Silicone Acrylate UV-curing release coatingCoating additives