Silicone sealant for construction

Silicone sealant for construction is a kind of gypsum building sealant material which is based on α, ω-dihydroxy-polysiloxane. And nano calcium carbonate or fumed silica are the main reinforcement filler with curing agent and other additives. After being extruded from the package, it is solidified by the air or the moisture contained inside and forms into elastic silicone rubber. It is bonded to the building substrate with excellent weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and excellent bonding performance with most building materials. It is widely used in building curtain wall, doors and windows, insulating glass, dimension stone, home decoration and other scenes.

Application area
Curtain wall: It is used for bonding and sealing (structural sealant) of various types of structures in curtain wall engineering, waterproof and weatherproof sealing of curtain wall panels, doors and windows.
Insulating glass: It is used for frame assembly and two structural bonding (structural sealant) and two sealing of ordinary insulating glass.
Prefabricated building: It is used for sealing exterior wall, balcony and interior joints of prefabricated buildings.
Home decoration: It is mainly used for kitchen and bathroom mildew proof, inner sealing and other kinds of bond and fixation.
Business scope